2015 Program Topics

Each meeting of the Division features a Program Topic of interest to Members and guests.
Please see the Announcements page for the next Division meeting.
Details of each monthly topic follow:

 Month  Topic
 January  Annual Prototype Railroad Questionnaire by John Sokash
 February Modular Railroading - A Moving Experience by Kim Parker
 March Weathering DVD video
 April Modular Railroading - A Moving Experience by Kim Parker
 May Module and Layout Wiring for DCC and Selecting a DCC System by John Wallis & Dave Derway
 June New Developments in DCC; Designing DCC for Your Layout and Keeping It Operating by John Wallis & Dave Derway
 July Pullman Cars by John Sokash
 August Reality in Weathering by Bill Davis
 September Static Grass by Will Seehorn
 October LED’s for Structures – You light up my layout by Kim Parker
 November Locomotive Speed Matching by John Wallis
 December Yankee Swap Gift Exchange

2015 Popular Vote Contest

To encourage Members of the Division, Region, or NMRA to display models or scenery they have constructed and/or modified/super-detailed from a kit, a Popular Vote Contest is held at each Division meeting, or elsewhere as directed by the Superintendent.

 Month  Topic
 January  Passenger Cars with Lighting
 February Annual Model Contest "Peanut Butter Jar Lid Model"
 March Annual Model Contest "Peanut Butter Jar Lid Model"
 April A Structure for your Layout
 May Modular Railroading
 June "Hand-Made Electronic Circuits"  Turn components and solder into a power supply, LED regulator, flasher, CD switch machine unit, signal control, or block detector.
 July Freight Cars
 August Passenger Cars
 September Realistic Weathering
 October Scenery with Grass
 November Illuminated Structures
 December No contest due to Yankee Swap Gift Exchange

Popular Vote Contest Rules

  • Contests will occur at each scheduled monthly meeting of the Carolina Piedmont Division or as directed by the Superintendent. Only Carolina Piedmont Division Members, visiting NMRA, Regional or Division Members may participate.

  • The Contest Coordinator will decide contest ideas, but suggestions will be accepted from the membership. A list of upcoming contest ideas will be periodically published in the newsletter. This is to give ample time to prepare for the upcoming contests and show any changes to the original schedule.

  • In order to encourage participation, any model owned by the member may be entered in an appropriate contest, with two exceptions:
    1) Scenery Items: This category requires members to assemble, detail, scratch-build, and/or weather any item entered for contest.
    2) Additional requirements (ie, scratch-built, kit-bashed , etc), determined by the contest coordinator as required for a specific contest.
    All other category items may be new, out-of-the-box, kit-bashed, weathered, scratch-built, purchased, etc. Items may be any scale or gauge. A brief description will be allowed on a 3"x5" card. This description card may contain product information (detail parts, building materials, etc), the name of your item (ie, Thompson Mill), and/or what the item represents (ie, a northeastern Pennsylvania coal mine). No visible owner names are to be placed anywhere on the contest table. Model submitters will remain anonymous to the voters. Members may enter up to two (2) items per contest. In the event there are several models in different scales, the Contest Coordinator may split the votes into scale categories.

  • Contest items will be placed on the designated table. Items are requested to be on display 15 minutes prior to the meeting being called to order. Each contestant will be assigned a number. Each item will have the appropriate contestant's number posted near the item. Every member will be given a ballot slip. Members are to cast their vote and place the ballot slip in the designated container. Only one vote per Member is allowed! Voting will end 15 minutes into the break. This is to give latecomers a chance to participate and vote. Awards will be given out immediately after the program topic or as directed by the Superintendent.