Exclusive, first time run of 86xx (8600-8724) series HO scale Norfolk & Southern 70-ton Offset Hopper. These ex-B&LE cars were leased by Norfolk Southern from U.S. Ry Equipment in 1967. They were photographed in service and all have lightweight dates that was always stenciled to the right of the car's light weight on the left side under reporting marks. WA was the code for Washington, Indiana on the B&O, the old B&O car shops on their route to St. Louis. The shops were closed and US Ry Equip acquired them.

Carolina Piedmont Division is offering these in two unique road numbers, 8613 & 8724 for sale as a limited edition kits using Accurail's 70-Ton Offset Hopper car.

Now in N scale too! In addition, we have secured N scale ready-to-run versions made by Bluford Shops to be delivered in Fall of 2023.

We are taking orders on these HO car kits now and pre-orders for N scale. Pricing is $28 for the HO version, $25 for the N scale version. Shipping will be charged if applicable.

If interested email Rob Rousseau at railroad@nc.rr.com.