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The Carolina Piedmont Division, was founded in 1997. We are the 13th division of the Mid-Eastern Region (MER) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). In turn the MER is one of many Regions in the NMRA, located both inside and outside the USA. The NMRA was founded in 1935, and is the premier model railroading organization in the world. Among its important functions are the setting of Standards and Recommended Practices for model railroad equipment and products that permit the successful interoperation of products from many manufacturers on the model railroads of hobbyists everywhere.

This page provides information about CPD13. We are governed by the bylaws of the National Model Railroad Association, the Mid-Eastern Region and the requirements of the North Carolina General Statutes for non-profit organizations.


We welcome visitors at all of our meetings. However, please no unaccompanied youth and after 3 visits, one must join and pay NMRA dues.


Anyone who is a member of the National Model Railroad Association and who lives in the geographic area (shown below) served by CPD13 is automatically a member of  the Mid-Eastern Region and the CPD13.

To join the National Model Railroad Association go to their web site at http://www.nmra.org/membership-application-and-renewal. The various classes of Membership are described and you can apply online. If you are not sure about joining the NMRA you can also sign up for a 9-month Rail Pass trial membership at https://www.nmra.org/trial-membership

Division Meetings

CPD 13 meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month in person and on Zoom calls beginning at 7:00pm. See the "Next Division Meeting" announcement on the Division's Home page.

Division Member of the Year Awards

Each year the Division awards a member for their outstanding contributions and service to the organization. The following list are the recipients of this prestigious award.

2024 - Your Name Here!
2023 - Don Roback
2022 - Dan Fisher & Bob Gamble
2021 - Dan Fisher
2020 - Charlie Rausch, MMR
2019 - Charlie Rausch, MMR
2018 - Rob Rousseau
2017 - Bob Bridges
2016 - Jack Dziadul
2015 - Steve Milley
2014 - Jim Babcock
2013 - Gene Sing, MMR
2012 - Jack Dziadul
2011 - Steve Milley
2010 - Steve Milley